music identity for global brands

At Studio Orca, we create highly curated musical identities.

With over 30-years experience with top-performing restaurant groups and global luxury brands, we understand what moves your customers.

We are constantly researching and sourcing the most remarkable music from every genre around the world. Creating a unique listening program that not only works, but elevates both customer and employee.

Think of us as your in-house music direction team.

For the past five years,
Studio Orca has caused more than a few toes to tap & heads to bob


Currently under contract with music provider your not happy with?

We can partner with your existing music provider with zero interruption to your stores. We currently work with most of the worlds largest media providers to license, distribute, and fully service your account globally. Utilizing the latest in media technology in a secure, responsive format, they continue to service your accounts, we handle all of the creative.

We can also provide a full music platform from 1 store to over 30,000 locations around the world. New system installs, retrofit, licensing, and distribution is what we do providing our network of high performing, experienced professionals ready for your remarkable music experience.

what we do

creating your music identity

Living the brand

In creating your music identity, we study who you are, where you came from, and where you hope to go.

The approach is not analytical, but the approach of ‘designing the way forward’.

Identifying your needs

We want to know what's working, and more importantly, what's not working with your music program.

Creating for you the store environment you envision moving forward.

Develop music program

Taking what we've learned about your brand, we create your musical identity. One that is both unique to your brand, and connects with your customers.

Your in-store music program is sourced from a collection of songs based on this identity.

Manage the program

We think change is good - customers take notice, and employee’s energy and morale takes flight.

By managing your program monthly, we can make changes as needed. We design the soundtrack to work with your business cycles: high energy upbeat songs during peak times, a bit more eclectic and engaging during slower cycles.

Music with Integrity

In 2009, Chipotle approached Studio Orca to create a new vibe in their 800 restaurants nationwide. They were launching a new look to the stores, and their current music program was not cutting it.

We launched the new Chipotle music identity in January of 2010.

Today, Chipotle has grown to over 1800 restaurants worldwide with Studio Orca programming every beat in-store, online, and at live events, including Chipotle's Cultivate festivals throughout the U.S.